How do I get over the fear of talking to people?

Ellen Park

10/24/20221 min read

Since I was young, I tried to do things by myself without asking others. Because I was the one who was extremely afraid of rejection.

In college, I put up a poster for some events, and I went to another school and asked for permission to do the same. When I asked for permission, many thoughts raced through my head.

‘She might be busy, she’ll be annoyed. what if she rejects? She won't be interested in this poster...‘

Although the situation hasn't even happened yet, I already imagined rejection and got stressed. These uncontrollable thoughts running in my head have made me lose confidence. and these negative thoughts didn't help to convince others.

If we deeply look into ourselves, it is more likely to be rejected if I already had a negative mind that I will be rejected(ex. is it really possible? it not gonna be work, doubts, the negative mind of that person, etc).

The reason why you are afraid of talking to others is because of your mind.

Fear of others is from the life I had lived. For instance, memories of rejection from my parents and friends or teachers, unfair and upsetting moments, moments I was hurt, traumas, etc.

If you want to break the pattern of repetitive behavior that scares talking with people, you can cleanse the root of the mind that makes you fear.

As those roots of the mind disappear, that anxiety and fear of others faded away. That much the true mind comes to reveal within us. As much as that negativity is gone, uncomfortable minds about others disappeared from me. When I speak with others, I felt that things go much more smoothly.

Every day, we deal with people. Sometimes it's not easy.

Daily discarding my mind about others and myself has proven to be extremely helpful to me. Dealing with people with no minds makes it easier to communicate.

If you want to know the method of how to free yourself from the fear of talking with others, plz refer to below.🌱