What exactly do we have to do in meditation?


9/28/20222 min read

Recall, reflect, and release. These are the three steps of this meditation method.

Look at the time now, and close your eyes. Then recall the clock in your mind. That time you recall is already not true. The moment you sense something, things are taken like pictures automatically and stored in your brain. This is how the human mind is formed.

The same goes for events in your life. Recall any situation that comes up in your mind, and reflect if it is still a real situation or not. After reflection you can realize whatever you recall is false because it is no longer true to reality. It is a recollection of what you captured at a point in time in the past. Only then can you release it from your mind because you don’t want to clutter your mind with worthless things.

This meditation method of recalling, reflecting, and releasing is so that you can find Truth from within covered by falseness.

Falseness is everything you can recall with your eyes closed, such as remembered thoughts, relationships, body images, geographic features, conceptions, habits, and even beliefs.

You may get emotional, feel nauseous just by thinking about it, or want to hold onto it. However, you should know that you undergo trials in life because there is no Truth within you, because Truth is covered by countless false minds.

Truth is the Spirit and Soul of the Universe. It is Energy and Light that can only be found when there is nothing beyond nothingness, for it is so holy that not a speck of stain is tolerated.

When you worry, judge, or overthink, those minds cover the nothingness.

Every time you do that, without you knowing, you commit a sin that covers Truth.

The Universe allows all creations to live along with Truth, but only humans make the false minds and live in the absence of Truth by themselves.

The Universe does not judge whether you do right or wrong, but only if your mind is as clean as nothingness and so Truth resides within.

This is why this meditation method is to recall, reflect, and release. The results of the practice are

  • one, you do not have a past or a future but only a living moment;

  • two, you just exist and live;

  • three, you have Truth within, therefore, this Spirit and Soul live even after your body does not exist.