What are some morning habits that can change your day?

Howard Jeong

12/6/20221 min read

My eyes opened because of the alarm clock's ringing today, and a great sense of joy and happiness poured into my heart. The feeling was almost the same as the freshness after taking a shower. I realized regular meditation practices brought a lot of changes inside me.

With a fresh mind, I felt I could do anything and everything. I made my bed quickly, sat down, closed my eyes, and meditated for a moment. Naturally, what brings joy and happiness came to my mind. The things that weighed on me in the past became constituents of my happiness and joy.

Every day is a new beginning. It is enough to motivate my creative nature. I usually get good ideas about how I can make a good plan for the day while meditating. I believe life improves depending on one's "philosophy" and "design."

One can live and create as much as one has in one's mind.

In the hope of the life better, I have tried many different things. However, meditation was the best choice in the aspects of wisdom, creativity, health, etc. And also, it always gives me the motivation to achieve the purpose of my life.

โ€œFind true happiness and joy through meditation.โ€

When you find your true self, your life will start to change.